Advice for newbie - circular galaxy 12 players


Hi all,

I’m rather new to the game, playing a dark Triton game with 12 players and circular galaxy, homestar distance close . I am wondering how the galaxy might look and how I have therefore to act.

From the pictures on I conclude that in an 8 players game there is not a significant hole in the center, but in the 32 players game there is. In an 8 players game I think I have the option not to fight my two neighbours, but ally with them and expand toward the center. In an 32 players game it seems the only way is to defeat one of them and continue long the ring.

Can anybode help with some advice? Thank’s.


If the setting “star scatter” is twin rings, then there can be a significant hole in the center, and you would need to expand along the galactic circle. You may need to ally or NAP with one neighbor, and fight the other one.

If the setting “star scatter” is random scatter, then there will be a number of stars in the center to fill in the hole. By researching scanning & HR, you will eventually find a path through the center of the galaxy to the other side. If you choose your alliances wisely, then you can reduce duplication of research effort.


Thank you for the help.

The setting star scatter is random, but HR is locked at 5. Maybe with the intention to block that option of going through the center ( (homestar distance is close).


Starting distance = close is 8 LY between HW.
12 player circular galaxy arranges HWs into a Dodecagon with diameter of 30.91 LY.

Carriers may jump LY distance = 3 + tech lvl HR.

HR 5 = carriers may jump 8 LY.
In a dark galaxy, to take full advantage of HR5, you will need to research Scanning 6.
Scanning 6 = allows stars to scan 8 LY.

In a dark galaxy, you need scanning tech to be able to see stars at LY distances = 2 + tech lvl scanning.

If you are unable to see a star, then you will be unable to select that star as a destination for your carrier.

Jay’s star scatter algorithm can sometimes remove stars that have been scattered too close together. This can randomly create HR gaps, which either requires higher HR tech to overcome, or else move around them.


You might be able to read your game settings by hitting shortcut key “L” = Leaderboard.

In your game settings, how many stars are there per player ? 8 ? 16 ? 24 ? 32 ?

The more stars there are, the easier it is to find a path across a “close 8 LY between HW” circular galaxy.


Wow thank’s. Good point: 24 stars / players.

Trying to disgest your info. 30+ LJ Diameter, 8 LJ range. Roughly I would need 3 steping stones (stars) if I can find stars nearly aligned (more likely 4). And Scan Level 5 which needs 72*(3+4+5)=846 SP (not too bad as Scan is cheap and started at Lev2).

My empire at Scan = 2 has roughly a 10 LJ diameter. If the other side is the same, there is a gap of 20 LJ of unknown center region.

I can confirm, I see one other HW and it is exactly at 8 LJ.

I see approx. 12-14 stars in which I would call my region, so there are 10-12 stars left to discover. Guessing 4 ourside, 6-8 inside. 6-8 stars to cross half of the gap = 10 LJ. I tend to be optimistic for scan = 5 to find a way across …


Correction: I ment Scan Level 6. That would be 1296 SP from Level 2.


Your plans are diabolical ! :slight_smile:

You lied ! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

Well, you (maniac) are not new to 4X games ?


Well, it’s not the first Neptuns Pride game, I played 5 or 6, but it is my first with a circular galaxy and some special custom settings. And I found it hard to decide on my strategy. Still not sure.

And yes, I played 4X games before.

Me diabolical ? - haven’t done anything yet :wink:

In fact, I’m considering this center problem because I do not want to do bad things to my neighbours. I am an angel. :sunglasses:


Hope it was still fair after 5-6 games to describe myself as newbie. I just had no plan how this circular galaxy looks. Couldn’t find much and really felt as total clueless.


If you have NAP with your two neighbors, then the center is the place for you to grow. In the center, you can make nine more new friends. :upside_down_face: Everyone plays with their own different personality.