AFK Frequency?

Hey everyone. Just joined a game of Buccaneers, and after the first turn we had 6 AFKs/AI players. Not sure if the 7th guy is sticking around for turn 3, he only got 3 hours left. Is this normal afk frequency or have i just hit bad game? Also, is it worth sticking around against the AI or should i just try again? (or play neptunes pride instead :wink: )

You might have a bit of fun against the AI, but it’s always most fun to play against some real life friends.

Email me at with your email address you use to login with and I will sort you out with free premium.

I have been meaning to make BBB and Blight free but just need to find the time to update websites.

Thats really cool of you! I have some experience with NP, so i understand that there is some degree of AFK-ing, but all 5 of my opponents in Buccanners are now AFK. Havnt seen that before.

Making it free is probably a slippery slope. if everyone has premium, no one has premium. For games like NP were i had good games before, id definitively consider buying into premium if that reduces the amount of AFKs.