AI issues (rehash but still issue)


It’s crazy that I can have a +8 friendly relationship with an AI, then take the lead by 1 star and have it flip to a -1.

With the current aggressive AI I might not even have a full cycle available to try to share tech or $ to prevent them from attacking from that -1 disposition, then causing a rapid plunge in relationship.

To top it off I might not even last a full cycle as leader, and now my +8 neighbor is -4 and attacking me, and I did nothing to them, other than trade the last 3 days to beef them up to the point to be an actual threat now that they hate me.

Why does it drop to -1 immediately? it should be gradual @JayKyburz -1 per tick would at least be reasonable.


Maybe take off the “when #1, relationship plunges”, but maybe take off 2 points instantly, and of course, -1 relationship per attack…

Kyburz, or anyone else, please give feedback


Yes, I think this probably is a little harsh, What I should do is reduce it by one every day you are in the lead.