AI timezones


AI currently are always online, which gives them an advantage in terms of defense: there are no 2 am surprise attacks for AI. So while I might attack a player at 2 in the morning the I wouldn’t get the same strategic ability against an AI. So perhaps the AI could take the frequency of other players activeness and base its movements around that. That way the AI is not always active, and more reasonably active.


That would likely weaken the AI further, and I think the AI is too weak as it is. We need a stronger AI that acts more like a human in other stronger ways… This would mitigate the current advantage that people get when someone goes AFK near them. In one of my current games, the runaway leader had at least 3 ppl go AFK near so he was able to grab a whole lot of stars well before any1 else could. If the AI was a little smarter, that advantage he had would be somewhat lessened… my 2 cents…


I agree, but if the AI gets stronger than it shouldn’t be able to be stronger 24/hrs a day.


If it gets as strong as a good human player I’d agree – but that will probably never happen.


Fair point, but I think what has came out of this thread is AI should be tweaked a bit so that it isn’t easy bacon for its neighbors. (I like bacon)


Perhaps AI’s should recognize other AIs and cooperate closely.

Crush the humans!

More seriously, I don’t know how the AIs are coded, but if the API is not changing regularly, I strongly suspect you might get a few really interesting AIs if you opened it up to your players. There’s got to be a few obsessives who program who would love the challenge of writing their own AI (or tweaking the existing one).

You could even build AI-only tournaments!

Of course, building a pluggable AI architecture so that people could test requires resource on its own, so it may not be practical.