Ancient Warp Field Expedition (Premium Players)


Ancient Warp Field Expedition

Turn Based Game. 24 Hour Deadline. 24 Hour Jumps

Commanding your species’s first interstellar expedition, your mission was to investigate the nearby phenomenon that astrophysicists speculated was generated by particles traveling faster than light.

Upon arrival, you discovered not only the physics of hyperspace travel but also an ancient network of beacons enabling unimagined travel speed. Unfortunately, six other races have outposts in the field and are intent on keeping this advantage to themselves at any cost.

Stars For Victory50% of all Stars
Player TypePremium Players Only
Formal AlliancesDisabled
Turn BasedOn
Tick to Jump Each Turn 24 Tick Jumps
Turn Deadline24 Hours

Build Warp GatesDisabled
Random Warp GatesCommon
Dark GalaxyEnabled
Star ScatterRandom

Stars Per Player24 Stars, Medium
Home Star DistanceFar
Natural ResourcesSparse

Starting Stars1
Starting Credits$250
Starting Ships Per Star10 Ships

Starting: Economy0
Starting: Industry0
Starting: Science4

Cost: EconomyExpensive
Cost: IndustryStandard
Cost: ScienceCheap

Cost: BankingNormal
Cost: ExperimentationCheap
Cost: HyperspaceCheap
Cost: ManufacturingNormal
Cost: ScanningNormal
Cost: WeaponsNormal
Cost: TerraformingExpensive

Starting: BankingLevel1
Starting: ExperimentationLevel3
Starting: HyperspaceLevel2
Starting: ManufacturingLevel1
Starting: ScanningLevel3
Starting: WeaponsLevel1
Starting: TerraformingLevel1


Three spots are still open for this game!