Android App


Just updated the Android App. Other than the snazzy new icon, anything majorly new?

Did you manage to recreate the sound bug I was experiencing?

Also, if I can make a recommendation/request, can you please make the app keep the phone awake so the screen doesn’t go off without being touched?

Thanks for all the hard work guys, game is awesome!


Thanks Greyham. The sound bug should be fixed! This was fixed remotely today, rather than being part of the app.

The update was mostly various tools updates, plus the icons, loading screens, etc.




I’ll have a look into keeping the device awake too.


Thanks. Helps serve my laziness…


I forgot to mention that the Android and iOS apps should now keep the device awake while they are open. This went in last week (or early maybe). Let me know if you see any issues. Thanks!


I had noticed, thank you :grin: