Annotate Tech with Researchers Name


Would be interesting if when you traded with someone for a tech if you knew who had researched it.

This could be done by annotating the name of the researcher to the tech I.e. eDaves Weapons 3 and for this information to be passed on when it is traded, so everyone knows where it came from.


I’m not sure I would like to see this happen because I think it only adds to the game diplomacy to guess who trades with who and it would make it easier to get to know this, when it should be hard to guess like it is now I think. If only 2 people got one tech and suddenly a 3th get’s hold of it you should guess right who traded with whom and for what not just get it from the tech’s name if you can too trade with one of them. But I’d like to hear other people opinion since it’s could be improved to something good I think. (Only name the tech from the person if he/she is the first to reach it? Or it could be a side effect to experimentation, you get tech for free but you got your name on it so you need to trade it carefully because if your partner trades it away they will know you traded it and you have something going on.)


Of course, adding the name could be a quite interesting part of the guessing game because… do you share the tech, allowing them to know who you got it from, potentially telling the original researcher? Do you hang on to it? etc etc


What if being able to see that information is a reward for achieving a certain level of Industry. And have similar bonuses for Economy and Science. Hmmm.