Any way to report cheaters?

I know that you cant publically call out cheaters without proof, so i wont name names, or even link the game here. but is there any official way to check on cheating?

There is a player in our game that at the start (intel tick 6) they had clearly spent way more than feasible. they were top of economy, industry, and research, and top of carriers as well. so they had spent more on everything simultaneously than anyone else. i understand that people will prioritise one thing or another, but you cant (actively) prioritise everything at the same time.

At the same time as this, his neighbour, who has not built/invested anything at all, is still not bumped for inactivity even after several days. and, despite being absorbed relatively quickly by the first guy, still has a single system left; presumably the one they sent their fleet to before planets were taken over.

It could be more helpful to provide the game number. Some analysis could be performed to gain some insight, but that does not necessarily mean that action could be taken to reduce this variety of behavior.

The typical advice these days is to point this out to other players, motivate them to join in alliance against the cheater.

Jay has taken some actions in the past, sometimes by adjusting the game design to reduce or impede other types of unwanted or undesirable or unsportsmanlike gaming, etc. . . So providing information can be helpful.

This particular type of behavior that you have observed has been talked about before.

Sometimes new ideas for improvement could be generated from synergy.

i specifically dont want to give the game number openly, because it would likely be so blatant who i mean i may as well just publicly claim it.

i agree that its hard to stop this sort of thing, and dont have a solution per se, but was wondering if there is a mechanism to report it to admins… a facebook style ‘report user’ thing if you like.

The alternatives are

  1. from this forum, PM to @JayKyburz .
  2. send personal email to Jay’s address listed at bottom of Join Game screen.
  3. have a public discussion here on the forum. Most discussion are here on the forum. Search.
  4. or have a public discussion at . . .

He is talking about me. I don’t have a problem by being called out by name.


I got a transfer of 625$ on cycle 1, below is my discussion with the player that did the transfer. I didn’t ask for it, as well as I talked to my ally about that situation (he played this way more than me), he said it happened to him once or twice as well. I’ve used those funds. I’m pretty open about it, I’m not exactly happy that it went this way as I prefer to get a win without that type of interference but it is what it is.

IMO, this kind of gaming can not be stopped. Someone joins a game and sometimes RL happens then soon must quit. There could be a some diplomacy and cash is gifted away.

Sometimes there can be actual cheating in this similar way via multi-accounts, where cash is gifted from one empire to another. This can unbalance a game.

I was unable to find it ATM, but somewhere in this forum there was perhaps a feature request. Jay could add some code during the first two or three cycles (maybe the same duration as kicking AFK ?) to reduce the limit of percentages allowed for gifting cash.

This could force the gifter to spread the wealth. This may still unbalance the game, but perhaps less harshly ?

Maybe one way is to limit cash trades gifts to 1/8 available in 8 player games during the initial time wait to kick AFK’s, or 1/32 in 32 player games. Or some variation of this.