April/2021 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

I’m in, looking forward to another round.

Shoooooooooooooooooot. I swore to myself not to start another one, but the two current really seam to be closing to an end. I guess I’m in. Can’t resist.

Holy crap, visited the forum on a whim for the first time in years and the first post is a 1v1 tournament!
Count me in.

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I really would like to join but I am still playing two 1v1s (against @Solfyre) and time is short ATM :grimacing:

Perhaps I will have more time to speed up my games but I‘m not sure though…

Will let you know soon, @HULK :sweat_smile:

sign me up :smile:

Everyone above this post should be in the OP … we are up to 20 players - can we get to 32?
You KNOW you want to play @DarkDragonwing:wink:

Sign me up too. Username is Sneferu

Looking to meet someone interested in mutual destruction

You‘re totally right. Count me in :see_no_evil:

Count me in, so I may learn :slight_smile:

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Added everyone to the OP … up to 24 entries - can we get to 32?!?
Since 24 is a nice number for tournament setup, lets cap it there … and anyone else signing up after this will be on the “sub list” … we typically need a a few of those.

Put me down as a sub @HULK. I can fill in at least if you need to fill a slot. :slight_smile:

@Solfyre - you’d be the ultimate wild-card sub…!

That is true… To be honest @Solfyre I’d prefer if you fully sign up or not to give you the spot in the brackets that is fitting for the highest-rated player in NP2 1v1. You’d have to play fewer games as well then (with a bye round) as time appears to be your main constraint.

With you as a sub the seeding would be completely thrown off - the strongest player shouldn’t be facing an e.g. new one right at the start, this is part of the reason why we came up with this setup.

Thanks for organising @HULK Bracket is looking pretty spicy, should be a lot of fun. Maybe I might have a chance at revenge on @Trucriot for the December tournament loss :slight_smile:

Long way to go before that though, some very good players in there.

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That’s fine @HULK and @Trucriot . I don’t wanna make a mess of anything (blowing up the seeding) or cause you guys any more work. I’m happy to sit this one out. For some reason being a sub seemed helpful, but I hadn’t really thought it through. :rofl:

Don’t want to push you out, happy to recalculate the brackets with you as a top seed :grin: It’s definitely helpful to have subs in case someone doesn’t show, it’s just that a player of your calibre would cause too much of a tilt I think.

Its all good. I wanted to play, but my future(play ability) is a bit uncertain right now. It’s safer for me to be on the sidelines as much as I want to be in the game.

Roger all that @Solfyre - the “disadvantage” of being the #1 seed - thanks for being gracious - please DO sign up early for the next tournament so someone has a chance to break your perfect record! :wink:

With a LOT of assistance from @Dysp and @Trucriot, I think we are ready to begin the carnage!
I want @Dysp to double-check my work on his tournament tracker, so I’ll post the link to that tomorrow.

Tournament Brackets and Round#1 games are now in the OP (and below) … please join your games as the SAME name as your Forum name. Let me know if any issues with the params and/or/maps.
A. @ignaloidas vs @Lex - game link
2. @BelSon vs @FinrodFelagund - game link
3. @Tanktress vs @wint3ermute - game link
4. @SimonMiaou vs @spymort - game link
5. @kinghuang vs @Macomber - game link
6. @Zatoc vs @suedenim - game link
7. @TheLastHero vs @gaz123 - game link
8. @Keeves vs @Sneferu - game link

Update: @Macomber is first to sign up - deserves some renown for doing so!