April/2021 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

Hi. Sure I have missed it somewhere, what’s the password?

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1v1 should be the password. Have fun playing!

Quick question, is there an option to spectate the other games in progress in the tourney?
Just curious to see some of the other strategies out there without learning the “hard way”

The best way to get an overview (with clickable links to the games) is @Dysp’s Tournament Tracker which is now LIVE and also added to the OP.

You can only see an overview of the stats - you can’t see carriers and other details until the game is over.

First, good job @Lex and @ignaloidas who are already at Tick #126 … now THAT is how turn-based can be played if you aren’t too busy in RL.

The following players need to join their respective games - please see the first post.
@BelSon - @kinghuang - @TheLastHero - @Keeves

I’ve joined my game against @Macomber. I’ll send all two renown that I can offer for your speedy join. :slight_smile:

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Such speed doesn’t come without downsides though… I’ve made quite a few sloppy mistakes handling my finances early on and now have to deal with the consequences. But my next few moves pan out, I might be out of the woods for a bit.

Haha, much appreciated - I am excited to play!

Me, too! Though, I realized during the first turn that I’ve completely forgotten how the 1v1 scenario is set up. :sweat_smile:

I’ve joined my game, will try to get my turn in soon.

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And we’re off! This one has a really cool map- should be fun.

I’d like to be on the sub’s bench if you’ll have me.

Can someone give @Zatoc a nudge pls

@LeDazz - Good timing on asking to be on the Sub list since @Keeves hasn’t joined his game yet despite a couple of messages to 'em … so he might be super busy in RL. So if I don’t see him join in a day, I’ll have you take his place against @Sneferu

@suedenim - I can only “nag” players so much … and the opening move does take a while to figure things out … so hopefully he’ll submit before the 48-hour timeout.

Perfect… I dont know how often i will check back on here, but you can always drop me a message on discord if that’s easier! :slight_smile:

FYI that I have created/loaded games for Round #2 in the OP plus visible in the Tracker.
The Random Generator seemed “difficult” today so I had to generate a LOT of games to get eight that looked semi-decent. Those of you who have byes in the first round should join your respective games. And let me know if you have concerns about the map.

  1. @Trucriot vs W2 - game link
  2. @Cryptious vs W3 - game link
  3. @DarkDragonwing vs W6 - game link
  4. @plug vs W7 - game link
  5. @HULK vs W10 - game link
  6. @Karmadrome vs W11 - game link
  7. @Dysp vs W14 - game link
  8. @panblanco vs W15 - game link

Joined mine, map looks good :slight_smile:

@LeDazz - I have not heard anything from @Keeves, so at this point, if you want to join the 1v1 game against @Sneferu, go for it. The link is here and the password is “1v1”

Cheers Hulk.

On it. first turn submit inbound! :slight_smile:

Bit of a noob question here… might be some wrinkle in TB i dont know about (first game woes), but how is it possible for my oppo to have 2 ships more than me, on the 3rd turn (6 ticks left to EOC1), when we have both fully mirrored each other’s IND builds so far, and neither have researched manu?

Literally our IND lines are as one on the graphs… and i also checked infra stats each turn. exactly the same.

The only thing i can think is he managed to build some infra between turns, so like… on tick 9 maybe. Is there anyway to schedule infra build between the 6 tick turns?