April/2021 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

As a first thought, this could be due to a different structure on the stars themselves.

Let’s take a simple example: You build 1 Industry each on 4 stars, Sneferu builds 2 Industry each on 2 stars.

At Manu 1, one Indu produces 0.25 ships per tick. After 6 ticks (1 jump) each of your four stars produced 1.5 ships, however only 1 for each materialized yet. So you produced 4 ships. Sneferu produced 6 ships in the same jump (3.0 stars on each of the two stars) with the same number of Industry.

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Great to have you here @LeDazz we’ve had a fair few fun 64p games, so good to see you in the smaller format. I think it unlikely we’ll run into each other in this tournament, but happy to duke it out if you’re up for one of the friendly games sometime :slight_smile:

Truc, you are absolutely right - thats exactly what it must have been. Good job you are here as i was really scratching my head on that one… same total IND, but if he had multiples built where i had singles, his would have proc’ed earlier…

The world makes sense again. Thanks for the pointer.

Hey @Cryptious - good to see you pal. I should prolly have looked at the forum a bit more than i do, but all roads lead to Rome i guess :slight_smile:

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Great explanation by @Trucriot … and one minor clarification for those possibly still confused is that after 12 ticks, the total (visible) production would be exactly the same - 12 ships for both scenarios.

Thanks for joining @LeDazz and getting your game going - I have updated the first post to show you in.

Game 6 ( Wint3ermute vs Tanktress ) is over. It was very intense experience. Thanks to my opponent for a good game. And thanks to HULK for organizining the tournament!


thanks again for the lesson. the problem is i just not getting it. :thinking:

Better luck next time @Tanktress and congrats @wint3ermute … and good job jumping right in to your round two game against @DarkDragonwing … which is exactly what everyone should be doing.
OP is updated.

Thought I would have some more time to prepare myself for my 1st game, lol. Already joined the game this morning but haven‘t taken any further look on the map, nor my strategy.

It will take me a bit to make my first turn as I am currently playing two games against @Solfyre in 1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 02/2021] and the semi-final of the December/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps.

Just conceded in my game against @Lex, very nice play from him and a few sloppy mistakes from me at the start resulted in a nice quick win for him.

Thanks for the exciting and fast paced game!

@Trucriot I’m in game when your ready

Congrats @Lex (and better luck next time @ignaloidas and @Tanktress) and thanks for jumping in your 2nd round game against @Trucriot - I know he has some other games going on, but hopefully he’ll be able to join soon and get the carnage going against 'ya.

Thanks @HULK! No rush @Trucriot

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@Hulk: how do you set up mirrored maps and Experementation=0? Is there a secret setting somewhere?

Jay has to enable it for your specific user - typically for those people setting up tournaments, etc.

@DarkDragonwing - your turn is due in about 4 hours. Or maybe @HULK can pause the game?

All good, I am currently setting my routes! :wink:

Glad you got your moves in … because I have no ability to pause the games! :wink:

Nice to see a 2nd round game get going - good work guys setting the example for keeping things moving.

After a valiant fight, @kinghuang has conceded at Tick 126, and I move onwards to face…the Hulk! :sweat_smile:

kinghuang opened the game with a series of early aggressive attacks that kept me on my toes and almost broke through, but I was just barely able to scrape together a defence - I often survived with just a ship or two left on a star. I was able to turn the game around with my own series of offensives across the map that partially cut him off from a valuable expansion area, although he maintained a stubborn toehold in my territory that saw a lot of bloodshed.

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That extra $500 this tournament convinced me to try building a couple of warp gates on the first tick to move ships from the home star more quickly. But, @Macomber repelled the early attacks and I quickly fell behind.

Thanks for the game, @Macomber. And, best of luck against @HULK!

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