Arrow Keys "HALTS" when player has zero ships


When using the arrow keys to scroll through the list of players, a black screen comes up and it “halts” - this behavior seems new and was probably introduced with the last update.

I’m pretty sure I was able to isolate it to when a player has ZERO stars - see this game and it happens when you hit Red Square after Orange Square. Firefox WebDeveloper Console has a bunch of errors about parsing width/height (NaNpx) which happens with every player … but when it hit the “blank” one, this message comes up “Error: TypeError: t is null Source File: Line: 22”

Keep up the great work Jay!

P.S. Color Coding on turn-based games looks great. Would suggest that QUIT’s and ZERO stars show Green rather than Yellow.


I believe we’re seeing the same thing in a 64 player game. Using the arrow keys eventually results in the profiles ending before you’ve viewed all the players. There are only 9 of us still active in the game, all these profiles show fine. The one we’ve all noticed to no longer be visible is the most recent quitter, cyan cross/Lobster Eclipse. His intel page was visible before the last update. He still has 168 stars and almost 800K ships.


Looks like this has been fixed … Jay ROCKS again!

P.S. Still get the “NaNpx” errors - may be internal to jquery (?)
But these are not causing any visible boo-boo’s that I can see.