August/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

Nothing wise about them… :cold_face:

Never did a 1v1 before. Let’s give it a shot :slight_smile:

I’d like to join

OK - we currently have 16/17 signed up … so please review the first post to make sure I got the sign-up order correct and that you are SURE you want to play and are willing to commit some time to keep things moving.

I’ll setup the SINGLE ELIMINATION tournament brackets in some random order. As mentioned, it’s good to have a sub or two in case someone drops.

@BOsshOgg - can you please reach out to “AI” and have them get their forum password reset so they can chime in here - just want to make sure they are IN.

Given the relatively long history of 1v1 TB Tournaments here and my appreciation for statistics and NP2, I wanted to go back and collect all the games that took place in a somewhat official tournament setting.

I recorded 84 concluded games in total with 38 unique players from these tournaments:

Start | # of players | Winner
2018/04 | 08 | @SuperDave
2018/05 | 16 | @AnnanFay
2018/06 | 08 | @HULK / SuperDave (tied)
2018/08 | 04 | @Karmadrome
2018/10 | 04 | HULK
2019/01 | 04 | HULK
2019/05 | 08 | HULK
2019/07 | 08 | SuperDave
2019/10 | 06 | HULK
2020/04 | 08 | tbd

Please ping me if you think there’s any other tournaments I should consider - they should be turn-based and 1v1.

I’ll calculate ratings for each player using the Glicko system which is quite effective for dealing with new players joining and inactivity. Looking forward to getting a view on the rating development and latest Top10 players of 1v1 TB NP2 :smiley:

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in please

yea, i reached out to him

Sorry guys, I have to drop out already; broken tooth that’s developed an abscess and I am not thinking straight atm…

Yikes, I hope you get better and I wish you the best of luck moving forward…

yeah he’s in some pain. sorry to see you drop out Chumbles. try and get some rest.

Thanks guys

@Chumbles - an abscessed tooth is worse than loosing your core star! :wink:
Seriously, that sucks - get better. I’ve removed 'ya from the list, but lets keep you on the Sub list in case we have a dropout later in the tournament and you are feeling better.

@Trucriot - that’s some GREAT analysis - thanks for doing. BTW, any chance you can add links to the appropriate forums threads so that becomes an even better reference post?
@SuperDave is a really, really tough player - I think I only beat him once - I’m sure he would have won more tournaments if he had played more. My stats are a bit skewed because I’ve been in all of the tournaments and some of those were only 4 players. There are lots of good players and I’ve had some luck help me out in the 1v1’s. With 16 players, this one will be a serious King-of-the-Hill! :wink:

ALL - I hope to post a tournament draw shortly - am just going to sort the names alphabetic and setup a 16-game single elimination draw. Although maybe for the Final Four, we can have a round-robin if those players want to do that.

I’m in, if there’s still room!

FYI @kinghuang that we already have 16 players, but I put you on the sub list and @Chumbles and @Nassau. There’s a decent chance someone will have to drop (hopefully no more abscessed tooths!) so be ready! :wink:

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Speaking of the sub list… i´m on both the sub and the main 16

@Nassau - Whooops … forgot to make that edit in the original post - now fixed - thanks!
@BOsshOgg - thanks for reaching out to “AI” to get online here - is that his user/forum name?
ALL - Game links will be up shortly - it’s a bit of work generating “good” maps.


Pairings and game links are up in the first post - please be SURE to join YOUR game.

Double check the params.and if you really don’t like your map layout, let me know and I can regenerate another … but it’s a bit of work to get “good” ones - i.e. with short jump distances and lots of contact points. For example, this map would not work too well because the jump across the middle requires Hyper8!

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I actually think that map looks like fun! Thanks for setting these up, I’ve joined my game.

missing where the password is.

Try 1v1