Automatically setting a game's start time/number of players


Hey guys, played NP a couple of times and am about to start our first office game this week! Just wanted to ask if either of these are possible (I’ve noticed some similar requests, but nothing entirely the same from what I can see)…

  • Is it possible to open a game for people to join, without knowing the total number of players beforehand? I’m hoping to launch an 8-player game, but if only six sign up, presumably at the moment we’d have to fill the last two slots with AIs rather than just being able to play as a six? Presumably that also means turning people away if I’ve underestimated numbers?

  • Similarly, is it possible to set a start time for the game, rather than ‘whenever the last player joins’? Our offices are in the UK and US, so I’m aiming for a late afternoon start here in London - it’d be cool to have the game wait until then if everyone’s signed up earlier. Or it could tie in to the suggestion above, and just start automatically at that time, regardless of how many players are in.

Neither of those is a big deal - just might make things a bit easier to coordinate.

Cheers! (And apologies if they’ve been suggested before.)



I second both of these suggestions - The first one in particular is something that would be great. Just a couple weeks ago I was trying to set up a game with my friends and we had to take up a list of people interested before we could even have the game, and it was only later that I learned of several other people that would’ve joined if there was time/space.