Avast Ye Scallywags

Avast ye captains and scallywags of the briny deep. Tis almost September 19th, so I be creating this map fer those of ye who be pirates to help celebrate talk like a pirate day. I dusted off The Great Skull Galaxy an just ask that ye give yerselves a proper pirate name an start plundern an pillagin as ye go, to the victor go the spoils. Arrr.


Cutthroat Pirate Badge - Top 3 players
Skull Badge - all survivors

Now get yerself a pirate name an come join the fun.

Captain (Keelhaul) Magee



The previous Skull Galaxy was definitely one of the most fun group games I have ever been a part of! Shifting alliances, enjoyable diplomacy, several veteran players involved. Highly recommend, just don’t afk!

A big thanks to @Golden_Ace for putting this on!

One of my favorite games of all time! Magnifique! irrésistible!

Brian Lafitte

The first messages 'ave gone out as the game be full

Shiver me timbers

Avast, ye Ye lily-livered scurvy dogs

I be Cap’n McGee o’ the Golden Pearl, affectionally given the moniker o’ Keelhaul by me beloved survivin’ crew.

Blistering barnacles! Ye be the sorriest bunch of pirates that ever sailed the seven seas, seven seas like the number of teeth ye have ye feculent, feeble sea dogs! …

Welcome t’ the Great Skull Galaxy where ye’ll find riches ripe fer plunderin’ beyond compare, but thar be danger beyond compare too, an if ye cross me ‘n mine I’ll use yer beard t’ swap the poop deck, an feed yer parrot t’ the sharks ye scabrous, fish-kissin’, poxy blaggarts!

Now Hoist the Jolly Roger an be off with ye! Thar be a plunderin’ t’ be about.

Cap’n Keelhaul McGee o’ the Golden Pearl

This has got to be one of the most confusing and intriguing games I’ve participated in. Thanks again @Golden_Ace for setting it up!

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Arrrr, that was one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played in a while, lots of engaged players until the very end. Thanks @Golden_Ace

Yours, Toothless Pete

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Looks like an alliance of landlubbers (green) conquered the seas! Who won?

I missed this game When can this be set-up to play again? it looked like alot of fun.

I generally only do this one once a year to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day find me another Pirate holiday and I’ll consider it.