Awesome Combo


Check out this combo I’m going to try and pull off.

A Necromancer Lord smashed into a Giant Cave and raised 42 Zombie Giants.

I’m going to try and separate the giants from the rest of the zombies, keep them trapped, and lead them around with a combination of Dragonhelm Knights, Wizards, and Gnostic Mages. (You can see its about to get a lot bigger as they hit that Dwarf Fortress)

Then I’m going to start building up Half Giants around them. 42505 = 10k for every Half Giant unit I can put down. I have three already.


nice plan, but doesn’t that limit where they can go do being next to the giants?
Also what would you do if the humans corrupt the pool and create a dread knight that gives them all immunity?


In his position, I’d grab a new pair of pants and try to get every kind of ranged weapon I could get my hands on to kill the dread knight…


yes, I’m going to have to try and prevent that.


There is already a Dread Knight … and an Ironhide Dwarf … hahaha!


And we have a vacancy in this game …



Tried to join but it says last seat reserved for creator


Sorry, it was the game creator that dropped.




Oh hey I’m in that game. Is there much I can do at this point or just focus on small battles and pretend I’m helping?


Honestly, this game might not be salvageable. Nothing left but to fight it out till the end.


Yeah I’m not sure. I’ve come back from worse but we’ll see!