Badges reference


Hi guys, im returning after a 4yr or so leave of absence and am looking at my account.

i have two community badges that other players bought me: the skull (badass apparently), and another one (a dead bird) which doesnt show up in the list of ones you can buy. presumably this one is no longer available, but im wondering if there is a reference for any of the discontinued badges?



This is the Help file regarding badges.

This can be found from the bottom of the Codex for “Diplomacy”.

The (dead bird) is the “Toxic” Badge. I know Jay and several other players have it.

Strange ? Maybe Jay removed it from purchase and the Codex description without telling us about that change ?


Ha toxic!! i assume you cant buy that anymore either…?


I am going out on a limb guessing here.
This is the only hint that I am aware of.

Maybe Jay wanted to remove an element of negativity, which could be the Toxic badge ?


yeah, i think it may have been the same reason i ended up with it; to break a trade deal i had with someone so that opponents that bought it for me could swoop in…


opps. Reading further into that thread,

There were two comments against the “Toxic” Badge.


Yeah, when I first added it I wasn’t sure how it would be used / abused, but just recently removed it because I decided I didn’t think it was right for the game.

Dead birdies don't sing

i can see why… but i dont mind having it… goes well with my skull. you need an ‘always on the move’ badge for those of us that always have patrols moving around. that would fit a ‘bird’ badge…


I was wondering is it possible for someone who is pretty new and hasnt been able to purchase membership yet, but gives badge where they proven to be owed, is able to participate in events to become a lab rat? Asking for a friend… of a friend. Thank you for your time.


The Triton Codex / Badges help file .

You must first buy credits in your user account, before you can buy badges for other players.

Sometimes Jay will ask for help to test new game features, and that is when he distributes badge “Lab Rat”.


I shall keep my eyes open and ears to the ground and wait then. Thank you kindly.