Bananas? and 420 credits at that?

When did we get these? and who can afford them?

Are you running an Extension?

Did you get an email? You might need to tell us more.

Hey Ace. Lorentz with Stoned Ape Tools created the banana badge as a reward for people who’ve won the Stoned Ape Team games (organized on their discord channel). Here’s a screenshot of an explanation. You can only see it with the extension enabled - I actually have one of those bananas but I don’t tend to play with extensions so I never see it.

ah went back to get a snapshot

I use ledger so that’s why I see it I guess

If anybody buys that toxic batch I will be deleting the account of the user and all the authors of that extension.

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Thank you for the explanation guys. I think the Toxic badge was an oversite from before Jay removed it from the game. I suggest it be removed from the app as well. I saw it but had forgotten it was removed.