Banner Units should be essential for larger multiplayer maps

Banner Units should be essential cards for larger multiplayer maps.

You know. Units like the Dragon Banner, Beacon of Life, Cyclops Standard, etc.

This would allow newer players (who don’t have banner units yet) to be able to help their allies from far across maps.

Thoughts? Comments?

I’m currently in a game where we have the Blight contained in the northwest, and I’m just allowing a couple of graveyards to spawn zombies so I can shoot them and farm Valour… :wink:

But the real war is in the Southeast, a good 3 days travel for a lot of my slow units… and by the time I get there, I’m sure my allies will have it under control.

It would be nice if they had Banner Units so I can drop in some quick support.

My only concern with this, is it kind of takes away the benefit of those who have the cards already. It also makes wanting them in your deck almost unnecessary, because you will get them anyway on the maps that matter.

It’s not my deck I’m concerned with… lol :slight_smile: I want other people to use banners so I can drop down units over there. :slight_smile: But I see what ya mean.

Yeah, I think this is a good idea!