Battle for the severed galaxy!


Greetings, Gentle Beings everywhere. This is my first post, and appropriately first game. The galaxy is supposed to be nearly split into at least two or three parts. The first time I tried it, which was with a premium account in the past, it worked like a charm.

It’s still a mystery how this experiment will turn out. Anyone interested in being Intergalactica Terraforming Company labrats… I mean, assistants? Riches, rewards…

Severed Ties, (Link Fixed)


Arh, sorry @Smulm you can’t link to the settings page. I should fix that…

Here is a link to the game.


Thanks Jay. I wondered if it mattered… It kind of makes sense to me if the settings page is where it links to, since it gives an overview of the custom settings and stuff.



Just joined the game. Should be exciting!


Great! I’m hoping the star scatter works out despite the randomization. Usually it’s not a problem, but with it being random and all… we’ll have to wait and see. :wink:


9 science, Jay? What madness is this?!


I didn’t realise we had no economy or industry to start with.

I just got an Experiment hit on Range! Woo.


I didn’t notice the no econ or industry at first either… will be an interesting game. Jay took my favorite color (Shakes fist at jay) so had to come up with a different alias.


Hope you guys are enjoying the game! I had to bail out early. Oh well. :sleepy:

I have some new games already up case anyone’s interested after this one’s done. Or right away. :wink:

Should probably make topics form them, come to think…