Battlefield Statistics - Suggestion


The battle field statistics are rather interesting and appreciated. Here’s a couple more suggested additions.

These suggestions are because some folks enjoy different aspects of the game more than others and their success in their role should be discoverable:

  • Bodies Burned - This is arguably just as important as “Zombies Destroyed”.
  • Total Resources (Gold/Mana/Valour) Donated - Some of us are just enjoying being a part of the war effort and funding it from the back lines, they should get a counter too! (Possibly with each resource split up by who it was given to)
  • Total Resource Earnings - So, if I didn’t earn much gold but a ton of valor, this would show my part in the fight where I was directing some front lines and had somebody else’s help getting the necessary gold to spawn my armies.
  • Civilians Defended - Count of civilians alive in settlements when there is a fight won within 1 league.
  • Civilians/Heroes/Units Lost - Count of each that died in combat or when the blight takes a settlement.

The rest are just for fun:

  • Distance Traveled - Because some of us like Walkin’ 'Round in Circles =).
  • Favored Fighting Terrain - Were my battles mostly in the Plains? Swamps? Mountains?
  • Rivers Crossed
  • Mountains Scaled
  • Plains Traveled
  • Swamps Explored
  • Forests Investigated

Good times and thanks again for such a fun game!

Funeral Pyre Stat Tracking

I really love the donated one, one for each resource as well. Really great ideas here! And fun achievements can be tied to each one. Blight could have account goal achievements, as well as individual game achievements that can be achieved each game. Really fun things here to consider.


Great Suggestion!


You could even do a thing for favored units, unit with most battle experiences, unit with most battle victories, unit that lead most troops, unit with most range kills, etc.

Could even game the system.

Let’s say it’s a 4 player map.

Show 3 “sub goals” for an extra coin if you meet a sub goal.

and let’s say it randomly picked:

• “Unit that traveled the longest distance across the map.”

• “Unit that won most battles at the same settlement location.”

• “Unit that burned most graveyards”

Then even though everyone is in co-op and helping each other… there are side goals that can be competed for and accomplished that they would keep in mind. Only one person can win each subgoal. (Could encourage people to try different play styles to accomplish the sub goals.)

Another addition could be: when a game is won, all players get to vote on the ally they think contributed the most to the map. The winner could get a coin! :wink:


I like these ideas. I could give out an extra coin for doing each one as well.


I was thinking the game is fun as co-op, but it would be nice to have a few goals that players could compete on. I was thinkinking the player that killed the most zombies could be called MVP, but I like the idea of having a few sub goals like this.