BBB Strategies


Okay so I’ve played just a little bit of BBB–maybe 3 or 4 games total–and I’m horrible at it. Out of those 3 or 4 games, I’ve lost every single one of them. I usually don’t get eliminated from the board, but I can’t expand quickly enough to get enough resources, or if I do, I can’t keep track of everything.
I’d just like some answers in your strategies as to what you do with these things. If you want to go into greater detail, you can answer the questions following each, or not. A general overview or every single detail is okay. (there is an overview after the text)

Buccaneers. What kinds of Buccaneers should I get? How should I distribute them between ships? Are Slavers that helpful? Do Bossers actually do anything that’s super helpful, and do they stack effects with nearby Bossers?
–On that note, Resources. How do I make immediate OR long-term effect of certain resources (immediate would be spending directly into Buccs, while long-term would be trading with others or selling the materials for other resources that I put into buccs). Do I level up settlements near metal or specials? Are sales a good option when trading is available?
Exploration. Are tall or wide setups accepted? Which resources are a must-have (except Food, I know that can go to hundreds each turn) and which aren’t that useful? How do I compare stats when I see an enemy ship, with or without taking into account that upgrades exist?
Parley. In Multiplayer Mode (or Training if the AI seem to work that way), how should I approach passivity? Should I actively try to make peaceful relations with anyone I meet, forcing me to decide between two if fights break out? Should I accept all that ask, possibly allowing them to gain more power and preventing me from attacking them once they do so? Should I constantly try to attack everyone I come across with my army, forcing my way to victory if lucky?

If you don’t want to go all the way between the paragraphs, here’s a general overview of topics and questions.
  • How do I spend Buccaneers?
  • What resources do I actively try to obtain via trading or bounty, and which do I trade or sell if I happen to obtain them?
  • How do I upgrade my settlements, and what if I spot an opponent?
  • How should I negotiate (war OR trade) between others?
I guess that's the end of my questions (like there ever could be lol). I just really want to not suck at this game and know how to do stuff. If you have stuff that's outside of the questions/overview I said, feel free to say it (unless it's unrelated, like a statement that oneself is a banana, or that it's not loitering if you do stuff).