Belouski's suggestions and questions

One of the more tedious things in the UI, is seeing where everyone is moving. Is there a way to show move orders temporarily or constantly? If not it might be a nice feature.

Also, where is the leaderboard to show who is winning the current game you are playing? I can find all-time leaderboards for the map you are playing, but not for who is in the lead in the ongoing game.

I’d forgotten just how much I like, nay, love this game.

I’m going to use this thread to list mine and the guys I’m playing with suggestions, comments and questions.

My next suggestion/question is whether is any other way to navigate the map other than click/dragging?

There is a bug where your latest move order will not register if you don’t click on another card or the map, despite your save of the change. The easiest way to see it is to make a new mover order, save it, and then click on the dropdown menu. You’ll see that the movement indicator will revert to whatever it was you had before the edited move.

Welcome back Belouski,

There is not at the moment, but will add to the todo becuase it should be fairly easy to toggle on and off.

For this new version of the game we are not planning to have a single overall player winner. Right now when all players win, all players win.

However, right at the top of my todo list is to add a special away for 3 things. The player who killed the most zombies, the player who burnt the most bodies, and the player with the most valour at the end of the game. Ple player who wins each of these will get an extra hero coin reward.

Coming soon, (perhaps a month away) will be a team competitive mode where each team will be given responsibility for some of the settlements. The team that saves the most population in their settlements will win the game. (When the zombies are destroyed - or if the zombies win, whose town is last to fall.)

(You will be able to push zombies at the other teams towns and all kinds of underhanded things to make sure your team wins)

Oh right, I should add arrow keys like every other 4x game ever. - is that what you mean?

Thanks for the heads up. I can see this here now. The move order still goes to the server so if you refresh your data you will see the saved move, but looks like if you open the menu it throws away your order unit the server tells you the orders were changes.

I will see if I can fix this monday!

Awesome as always Jay!

I was indeed referring to using the arrow keys to move around the map. I don’t know if I’d use it, but one of the guys I’m playing with was really bummed not to have it.

I’ve joined three public games and have 6, hopefully soon to be 7 friends playing in private games. I’m really trying to sell them on this game because I really think it’s great.

Thanks @belouski. We really appreciate the kinds words and we are working hard to make the game as good as can be!