Blight Beginners tactics guide



Let me introduce myself I play Blight under name of MAXymiliand for some time now
And I would like to share my experience with some of you new players.

Lets start with picking cards, there is not so many of them at the start, so take the cards for your race and maybe few cards for the race near you witch you will use.
Do NOT take the cards for the races that are far away, as you might be stuck with these cards for the rest of your game without the possibility to play them.

So pick the cards and lets take this show on the road.

Look at your starting position, gather the information:

  • Where are are the zombies, and where are they moving
  • Where are the nearest settlements with the troops that can engage the zombies right away
  • Where is the nearest mana pool

Zombies are moving always to the nearest “live” settlement or Mana pool so if you see the 2 settlements, first at 2 leagues and second at 3 leagues away from the zombies, you can be sure the zombies will move to the one that is closer to them.

Considering this you can predict some of zombie movements, So look at the map again and see where they will go.

Knowing all this look at the cards in your hand and spawn your starting heroes/units and eventually produce a unit at your first settlement.
I usually spent almost all my gold at the start.

Second thing to do, is to look at the settlements you want to claim first, the best choice are these near the action and with units already guarding them. That way you can have an army ready for battle in first 12 - 24 hours from the start of the game.

Fast and decisive opening is the key to succeeds and the bit of risk usually pays out.

If you will be waiting in the back “gathering power” you will be overrun by “constantly pushing forward” zombies.

In other words “Push or DIE”

Besides that combat is your the only way gaining valour for claiming new settlements.

Another very important issue is to protect the Mana Pool from zombies at all cost. A boss at the early stage of the game is the last thing you want, during the later game it is no picnic either so remember about Mana Pool protection.

Your early game priorities are:

  • Secure 2 - 3 big settlements near the front lines
  • Secure at least 1 mana source
  • Don’t let zombies to capture the Mana Pool
  • rescue as many settlements as possible.

Is you do all the above and after the first 2 days you will have enough valour to claim all the rescued settlements and will have enough resource to snowball the zombies.

There is 1 more very important tactic that wins games very fast, send 1 or 2 fast units (Scouts) to clear the blighted settlements and burn the bodies, if the new zombies will spawn and there force is grater than your Scouts just order your unit to stop movement and clear the settlement after the zombies will move away.

This is all the basic tactics you need to know at the start so go there and show them zombies who’s boss.


Great guide, this is exactly correct. You have to push fast, don’t give the zombies time to start overrunning too many towns. I see a lot of players try to turtle, but that’s typically not going to work as you’ll eventually be overrun by more zombies than you can kill. Get out there on the attack early and most games will last only 3 to 5 days.


This is a great idea and good advice. I’ll add a beginners strategy guide to the help pages!


Please do.
I am glad to be of service :sunglasses:


I added a Beginner’s Guide to the Help:

Thanks for the good idea and the tips!

I’m thinking of also adding a bit more detail for each race, some strategy/combo tips. Hit me with any good ideas that you have for your favourite race!


I was thinking about doing a series of posts that focused on the “Four Cards from X Race You Have to Know…” It would identify four key cards that would help move a player from the beginner to the intermediate stages – and hopefully prompt some thoughts on synergy both within a deck and with other players’ decks.


also note: you don’t need to be logged in to see the help.