Blight: New Maps for testing!

There’s two new MP maps up and ready for testing! Please check them out and post any feedback or bugs that you find here. There will be more new maps coming soon too. You can find these maps at the bottom of the MP maps drop-down, marked with Beta. Thanks!

2 Players: Longarm Swamp
Trolls, Goblins, and Elves
Start as Trolls vs. Immortal Elves

4 Players: Burdened Beasts
Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Dwarves
Start as a monster (Dragon, Spider, Hydra, Gryphon) vs. Zombie Orcs and Immortal Trolls


Here is a game of Burdened Beasts to join: Blight of the Immortals

Whoop whoop! I’m delighted to see our prayers come into fruition; looking forward to trying them out. Quick question while we’re on the topic of maps, are there not a few which aren’t included in the multiplayer rotation currently? Notably the Brutal Heartland and Barren Plateau?

Thanks @LintenHD. Yes, you’re right. Not all of the maps are included in the rotation. We wanted to make sure the hosted rotation maps are more friendly for beginners. Some of the maps aren’t great if it’s your first game.

Here is a game of Longarm Swamp if anyone wants to join me: Blight of the Immortals

There’s an updated version of Burdened Beasts available, as well as 2 more new maps for testing!

3 Players: Murky Woods (a hobbit-inspired map)
Dwarves, Elves, Humans, with Zombie Orcs, Spiders, and a Necromancer

4 Players: Storm Riders
Goblins/Dragons, Dwarves/Gryphons, Zombie Orcs and Dwarves.
This will be a hard one!

4 Players: Burdened Beasts
Start as a monster (Dragon, Spider, Hydra, Gryphon) vs. Zombie Orcs and Immortal Trolls
Now with some Troll bosses and more zombies! Should be a bit harder.


Storm Riders looks really tough! I’ve set up a test game on Hard: Blight of the Immortals

Here’s a test game for Murky Woods on Normal: Blight of the Immortals

Oh password is “pass”!

How did Storm Riders go @DrBwaa?

We actually managed to hold a good chunk of the mainland! Some good anticipation and the rescue of an Orc town meant we got a Shaman Priestess on the mainland to burn graves efficiently.

This is definitely a map that requires some resource sharing, as the Dwarves have basically no way to generate Valour unless they can grab a mainland stronghold, whereas the Goblin side can use their Dragons to build up early Valour without engaging in melee. This might be less true in Nightmare, where the Dwarves would see plagued Gryphon on their islands quite early.

Great, thanks! Was there anything you think needed to be changed on the map?

Murky Woods on Hard: Blight of the Immortals

Oh, these look interesting, especially the Burdened beasts. I can imagine people picking the Goblin earlier because they’d be the best pick as monster aside from the gryphons: more affordable than dragons and hydra, much faster than the slow ents, better early game than the Giants and with the advantage that they can actually stop a horde through sacrifice whereas the others would either be too thinly spread or too weak in the beginning phase when the player hasn’t got much humanoid units yet. Hope I get into one of these games just to see if my expectations are correct, seems interesting and fresh.

Recently played Storm Riders!

We had to cooperate to win and I had the impression that the map encourages it a lot. This is an unforgiving map, as zombies have easy access to three pools and two lairs, followed by two more on the island in the middle of the left-hand side.
In fact, we lost the three mainland pools and two lairs. It was a fun game, but definitely not for new players. Even at normal, it’s a map that requires dedication. Resources sharing was fundamental and we went as far as sending to others all gold and valour if we knew we wouldn’t be able to login in a while.

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It was a lot of good fun though.
Blight does encourage teamwork since that is the goal.
Thanks for reviewing this map and the match!

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Just finished a game of Murky Woods on hard and it was a ton of fun. I laughed out loud when I realized that the map was Hobbit themed!

Hey, all these maps look awesome, and the reference to The Hobbit as well! :smiley:
But where can we play these maps, since I don’t believe they come in multiplayer?
Or am I wrong?
A new player here. :slight_smile:

@JaiSh123 All maps are available for player-hosted games. You can host one with the button on the bottom-left of the Multiplayer screen, and join an open game with the button on the bottom-right (below the list of automatically generated public games).

Oh, I see.
This means that to play these maps, I have to host them.
Thanks for the clarification!