Blight on iOS: Need Testers


Hi Blighters!

We’ve been busy getting builds ready on Android and iOS. We now have an iOS version deployed for testing.

If you are interested in testing on iOS please reply below or send Jay an email ( and we’ll add you to the testers list. You will receive an invitation and you’ll also need to download the TestFlight app. You’ll need to have a minimum of iOS 9.



I’ll join it just tell me what to do :slight_smile:


Thanks @Xylke, I added you as a tester. You should get an email with instructions from Apple.


ok an issue i see straight up while not being game changing is when you enter the owl on the background is chopped off to only a wing


Thanks @Xylke. The owl is the same on mobile browser. He’s designed to peak around the edge of the menus, which won’t happen on mobile except for when the first menu is loading. I’ll see if we can do something to make it look better on loading.


Ok well looking agin he is just peeking but only barely xD for the short time he appears on screen with the app you just miss him


ISsue for iOS app turning screen sidewards gets you this. Which is all the screen grey but a corner


Hey Zylke, This viewport issue should be fixed with todays release. Fingers crossed!


I’m not playing this game, but can help you testing in both, iOS 9 (iPad) and iOS 10 (iPhone).


If you install test flight I’m sure penny would love your help testing!

Also, I would love your help just checking the game on the browser!


I already have test flight in both devices.
Ok, will check in browser too!


Zylke… thats a new one XD i guess its kinda pronounced the same though


You must be getting sick of me posting sorry for having the devils touch and breaking all I touch but I have another screening issue for iPhone. This one happened after having the map open, fully turning phone off with a locked screen and then a movie later turning it back on to be greeted with super HUD zoomed in


Thanks @Zoquete, you should get an email with instructions soon.


Received and installed.

The app worked well, and I tried to broke it by touching lots of things, menus, double taps, tap two things at the same time, etc.

Created a game and played a couple of turns. It worked as expected.

Here some very minor issues, just to say “I found something”:

  1. In the log-in form, you type username and tap “Intro”, it should focus on password automatically.
  2. You can zoom in/zoom out the entire UI, like in Safari. For example: create a game, in the “Assemble Your Heroes!” screen, I can zoom in until just one half of the UI occupies the entire screen.
  3. In that same screen, while selecting a deck of heroes, I can scroll the map behind it.

Everything of that in an iPad Air 2.


Thanks @Zoquete. Was that iOS 9 or 10?

Is there anyone that can test on IPv6?


iOS 9.
What should I do for testing on IPv6?


If you are on an IPv6 network (, it would be great if you could test that the prices for the Premium accounts and/or Hero Coins are shown (and don’t just show 0).


No IPv6 for me.

And the prices for premium accounts (Main Menu -> The Online Store) are not zero.

Can’t find where to buy Hero Coins, to check if it works too.


Thanks @Zoquete. If Premium works, then the coins will work too.