Blight released on iOS!

Happy Halloween … the hordes have shambled onto iOS:

Please try it out and remember to leave a positive review! Thanks!

Cool, I downloaded. Never played blight before but I’ll try it out

I know this is an old post but my App Store told me this app isn’t available for my region. I’ve been having a lot of issues connecting via browser and it’s making the game near impossible to play. Is there a way to get the app for iOS on a US phone?


I’m guessing your best bet will be to try a different web browser on your phone (not ideal, I know). I’ve done some iOS App work myself, and “not available in your region” typically means “may require significant development effort to get back in Apple’s good graces.”

Thanks for the feedback. I have safari, chrome and Firefox on my phone and they all have the same issue. I swap between them with varying degrees of success but I’d say I can only get the maps to load about 5-10% of the time.