Blight: update with move compulsion fixes


Hello Blight players!

I wrote a note in the Blight Beta: Known Issues and Bugs thread, but wanted to call this out too here, so that we can have everyone who is playing aware and keeping an eye out for any weirdness to do with move compulsions.

There’s an update today with several bug fixes, including hopefully fixes to all the move compulsion related bugs! Please let us know if you see any weirdness in this new update, if the same problems persist, or if you see new problems arising!

Some other small fixes today as well:

  • Starting towns start “explored” and cannot be relinquished and re-captured for loot
  • Assassins won’t get web-trapped if they were in the same location as combat with spiders
  • Added tooltips on badges and achievements
  • Fixes for iOS zooming on double-taps, text inputs, and pinch on interface
  • Fixed text alignment on some cards
  • Screensaver doesn’t kick in if you are using interface (previously just map)

Thanks! There should be some more fixes to come soon, and hopefully some new maps too!


There is another update out now with some more bug fixes:

  • Tournament maps start with same setup each time, removed randomness during setup
  • Crone should always remove all buffs on zombies now
  • Living and dead armies should never cancel out of combat and pass through each other (this was caused by the leader of an army being killed by a charge / ranged attack after the combat timer started)
  • Removed prompt to draw more cards when hand is empty in Tournament
  • Fixed fortifications buffs betting applied when living are attacking a settlement (occurred when deploying cards into combat, and when grouping/ungrouping armies)
  • iOS app resizes display on orientation change

Thanks! Let us know if you see any issues with these changes, or any other bugs that need fixing!


A couple more fixes in today:

  • All player shields show in chat window
  • No more double boss spawns!