Bouncing screen when scrolling on mobile

When I play on my mobile device (Samsung Galaxy S7, Android running Marshmallow), when clicking on settlements or ships and scrolling downward, the screen “bounces” back up. This makes it extremely difficult to click on the bottom row of things (armor for settlements, the last row of buccaneers for ships). I find I have to try to hold the bouncing screen in place with one finger, and hold down my click with another finger, and half the time that registers the click in the right spot. Is this a known issue?

I know, its sooo annoying. I have been searching the web for how to disable this behaviour built into Chrome.

Can you try the Android App and let me know if you still have the problem?

I just downloaded the app and it looks like it’s working very well there!

Thanks @penguiniffic

As per my email, i can confirm the same issue.

I will try the app as well.

the only solution i found was refreshing enough times and it would finally let me scroll!

Using my Samsung galaxy tab and app has same scroll issue :cry:

Wow, thats weird, are you 100% sure you were in the app. On Android we ship our own entire browser engine so it’s consistent across all devices. (You are not allowed to on iOS)

Just installed the app on my HTC 10, opened it and tried to make a game.

As soon as i have opened the keyboard to type anythin then go back to the screen we start bouncing

Thanks for the heads up @vondes. I’m have a quick browse around and see if there are any quick fixes.