#BRINGBACK64! (64 Game Resurrection Petition)

The circular map is really a simpler two neighbors map.

IMO the circular two neighbors 8 player map should be the New Player’s game.

@TheLastHero , counting your vote.

Hope I’m not late. YES please!!!

I remember my first 64, it was so different from anything else I’ve tried before. Became addicted instantly, and ever since it kept surprising me, because no matter how experienced you were, the moment you felt you’ve got it under control, at next tick there was a surprise waiting… 64 players create complexity, 64 different minds, like really random generators - with outcome you can’t predict. You could only use your intuition, to get what was more or less likely to happen.
32 game at it’s best has just half of that power.
So of course, bring 64 back… and maybe think about creating 128 :slight_smile:

TheLastHero brought up a good point about it essentially being a 2 neighbor map. At most you’ll have about 4. With the 64 player clover map I felt a little more paranoid. Even though I never fully trust my allies, it’s a lot easier to trust 3 people than 6.

I really liked the 64 player, and felt a great sense of accomplishment from wins, but if we must keep the 32 I think it needs a little more danger.

128p! A splendid idea… 32p is like levelling the top of Everest so that it’s hall height and pretending that climbing mini-Everest is the same thing.

I like 32 player games but I also miss 64 player games

It would be nice to have both. Consider me as a signature!

Are you the creator of this game?

Or keeper of the code?

Perhaps you might be the master of the server that runs Neptune’s Pride?

I am all of those things.

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