Bug joining game

Getting an error when trying to join Wildriver or Hidden
Ifs been like this for a day i think, not sure if its just me or others are getting it.

Interesting. I’m in that Hidden Dangle game. I joined as the third player with no trouble. A friend of mine later told me that he tried to join too (as the fourth player), but kept getting a server error. Eventually one of the other players ended up dropping/leaving (making two players in game) and then he was able to join (as the third player again). I thought it was just a coincidence (and I think he did too). Now you are having the same problem with the same number of players.

I’m the 4th (really 3rd after the drop) player who joined the “Hidden Dangle” game. At first I though it was an e-mail verification issue, so I changed my e-mail address and re-verified. That didn’t seem to work, so some time later I came back to the game when there were only two players. Before trying to join the second time I had taken the extra step of disabling a script blocking extension I use to keep rouge scripts from running. I thought that was my primary issue so I had removed my post in the bugs section. Now that Dex mentions it though, I do recall that when I joined later there were only 2 other people instead of 3; so that could also be the issue.

Getting this too. Also, when I hit Reload as the red box suggests, the initial description is replaced by ‘wildriver_desc’ before opening the game itself (for the Wildriver Run game, obv).

Getting this as well from the Brutal Heartland game. . .

Getting this as well on ANY game I try to join as the final player.

Agreed. I tried getting on as a third or fifth player and there was no trouble those times.

Me too. Being in one game that I am waiting to begin, I decided to try one of the other games about to begin to see if it would work (and allow me to get a game started again). It did not.

I’m about to go through withdrawal. With that game finishing last night, I have no games active right now. This is the first time that has happened since I re-started playing in November.

Always happens when Penny and I travel. I’ll try and fix right now. Sorry for the downtime guys.

Edit: This should be fixed now. Feel free to email me directly if its not. jay@ironhelmet.com

Also. I added the ability to leave a game you joined but decide you don’t want to play.

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Thank you kindly good sir!