Bugs that bug me

Does it need explanation? Is something broke?, let Jay know.

If you type a % (percentage sign) in a message as in “I’ll pay 100% extra for that”, the % disappears when the message is read and the recipient sees it as “I’ll pay 100 extra for that”. Not the same thing at all.

Can this be fixed?


On G+ Jay has said it’s on the todo list.

I fixed it today. _____


In the 64 player game that just started, I joined as yellow cross. Saw some of my stars were interspersed with another empire, and fired off a message about how we could set a border. I built carriers to bring my ships to “my” side, gave them orders, and abandoned the stars they were on. Which lead to me seeing:

– My carriers orders were canceled, presumably because the target star was not in range of any of my stars, after abandoning the star that carrier was on. So the bug here is: I shouldn’t have been able to get into that situation. Either allow the carrier order to stick as if it was already in flight, or prevent me from abandoning the star.

Now, at that point I wasn’t sure whether the game would start and if I’d be able to give the movement orders right away, and noticed I still had the option to “leave game”, so I took it. My assumption was that since I still had that option, my actions should be un-done for whoever joins as yellow cross. But, since I did several things, buy carriers, send messages, abandon stars – it might be worth checking to see if the game rolled that all back.

Thanks Suffusion, everything should be good with the fleets, but you know what, I’m not sure I considered abandoning stars. I might have to have a look the code and see what can do there.

Thanks Jay!

In Turn-based games, if someone abandons a star, that is immediately visible … rather than at the next turn.

Recall that you recently “fixed” things so that fleet changes/warp gates were not visible. Abandoning start should also not be seeable (IMHO) since it encourages players to wait to the last minute to submit to see changes, etc.

Interesting enough, the leaderboard/player star count is NOT changed … which is the “correct” behavior too IMHO.

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Did you fix it for all of the characters that are currently stripped out of diplomatic messages? Quotation marks being stripped is particularly galling.

My guess is that you do this to sanitise the text before putting it in a database, to avoid SQL injections, which is understandable. But it’s better to just replace them with HTML entities, like " and >. Or maybe there’s a more elegant solution? This forum software in particular handles it pretty well. (Personally, I’d like a solution that lets me use —, but that’s because I’m a crazy person.)

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In addition to abandoning stars being visible, technology levels are also visible. This not only encourages waiting to see trades, it also encourages waiting until everyone else has submitted to execute a trade you don’t want seen. (I suppose the same could be said of the abandon scenario).

What’s interesting here is that one could then get a “that player already has this tech” error sending tech. That seems fine, and not a problem for leaking information – it should be really rare that one is willing to send an enemy tech just to see if they have it already. Better yet – all tech transfers actually occur once everyone has submitted their turn, if more than one player sends the same tech level to another player, one goes through, and the other one (picked at random, so timing doesn’t matter) has their credits refunded.

I think it should work the same way in realtime games too – and it adds a whole new trust dimension – it no longer matters who goes first when sending a tech, both players have to trust. (unless they just wait for a turn/tick).

There’s a game-changing typo in the Create Game menu, in the help text for Random Gates. Instead of ‘of’ it says ‘or’ at some point.

Ok, it may not be that game-changing :smiley: Or at all game-changing, even. Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Later edit - found a new one (I swear I’m not searching for these, just scouring the site in search of useful information :P) - on the News Update on the 17th of December, it should read ‘on’, not ‘one’.

Thanks @bit I like to try and catch them all!

On the carrier action pulldown menu, there is a “Collect All/Drop All” which are handy short cuts for “Collect/Drop”

In a similar fashion, I would suggest a “Garrison One” option (just below “Do Nothing”) which provides a handy/useful shortcut for that action … rather than moving to the bottom, selecting Garrison, and then changing the 0 to 1.

Duplicate system name:

In a game I’m currently playing (Neptune's Pride)
There’s two systems called AlKap.

might be more duplicates, but I just assume it’s not as intended.

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