Can the colors be made a little more distinct?


Most of the colors are actually fine, but the yellow and orange colors for player outlines are pretty similar on some screens. Could they be made to contrast with each other more? Like have the yellow be more yellow and less orange.

This might sound dumb but it comes up because I’ve been talking to folks in the current 64-person game and we get a little confused sometime when referring to the yellow or orange players, since every color and shape ends up being used in 64-person.


They definitely look very distinct to me.


I had real trouble finding colours that various kinds if colour blind folks can see.

I added a special keyboard shortcut on “b” to toggle on and off a text lable for the colour.

Sorry, this is really hard and in any game I make in the future I will use some kind of multi colour shield that uses shape and colour combo to distinguish players.


In the “normal” sized games it works, the only trouble was for the 64-person game where it uses all the shapes and naturally uses some similar looking colors. Perhaps an additional shape or two could be introduced so that the colors don’t have to be so similar but the player count can stay high?


perhaps there could be an option to customize the colour choices for each user’s perspective. That would be useful at the end of 64 person games.


Actually, that might be the best option, particularly if you could change the colors/shapes of each individual player. Then you’d be able to make your allies and enemies clearer at a glance, or change all the AI players to having grey icons or something like that since diplomacy is limited with them, and so on. That’d be really nice.


I already started adding code for this, getting ready for team games. I wanted a team to be all one colour, but different shapes.


For a team game, a friend and I had an idea that a large map could be split into “zones”, and before you enter you pick which zone you want to be placed in, and then are assigned a random location within that zone. Which maintains a random starting location for each player without revealing exact locations before the game start, and lets any people that want to team up have a better chance of starting near each other so that they can trade techs and defend each others flanks and such. I don’t think it’d be the best idea for all games, but it’d probably be cool as a game option.