Cannot see carriers outside scan range

After abandoning stars I cannot see the locations of my own carriers when they are outside of my scan range. The carriers are visible immediately after abandoning the stars however disappear when the data is reloaded. They only reappear when they touch down.

I would expect to always see their locations, even when their origin and/or destination is hidden.

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This should be fixed in todays update.


Maybe Jane shut down their Ansible and so they can’t report their position?

What I find “neat” is that when you are outside scan range in a Dark Universe game, and your fleet loses the fight, you get a report about the fight, but you don’t know where the fight occurred. This can only happen when you jump to something within scan range, but then lose the world that kept the target world in range. Kinda neat though. I guess ships don;t have windows! :slight_smile: