Can't enter game


Everytime i try to join the game i’m apart of, it sticks me on a loading screen that never finishes, it’s just been sitting there for 40 mins and i’m not sure if something is wrong with the game, my connection (though it was working earlier) or if it’s some kind of maintenance, i’m just worried is all, don’t want to look like i’ve abandoned the game.


Blight server has been blighted. I can’t enter either


Oh good it isn’t just me i was in a slight panic, didn’t want my dragon to get eaten up :l that meat is expensive lol


AFAIK time still passes in blight and real-time NP games even when the servers go down. When the game is available again and accessed it will fast-forward up to the current point in time.


Hey Guys,

It’s Sunday here in Australia, and I’m heading out for an hour or so, but will try and fix this bug as soon as I get back.

Looks like there is a problem with the new feedback code that shows how many kills when you do ranged attacks.

Sorry about the delay.


Good ol Australia, enjoying the heat there? cause i ain’t, felt like melting on saturday


Yeah. 32c here in Canberra today. Too hot to be outside now.

I downloaded your game and it turns out I fixed the bug a few days ago but had not yet submitted to server. Your game should be back up and going now.

I was holding off because this release has the zombie bosses that I need to warn everybody about.

First thing Monday I will make a forum post about them and let everybody know to watch out for them.

But just quickly, when zombies take man pool now a zombie boss will spawn. A big bad guy with a special power. There are two for each of the basic races.