Carrier has no destination

Not sure if this has already been addressed. Didn’t find topic in a quick search. Second time this has happened. I think both in dark galaxies which might create the issue might not happen in a standard game I’m not sure.

Carrier has no destination. Carrier screen has “destination not in scanning range” the carrier is in dead space stopped in nowhere and not moving. Can not add waypoints.

This must be a common issue in dark galaxies where players send a carrier deep into enemy territory to destroy economy. If the other player takes back his stars while the carrier is in rought and the player of that carrier has no stars to scan that area then the carrier just stops in a dark feild. This was in a turn based game. So did this *bug happen when the turn ended. Or did the ship stop the second the destination wasn’t scanning even with ticks still to calculate in the jump between turns.

Understanding only what I know from this situation I wonder why in the scenario above a carrier in dark space between stars that had lost the one star it left from and no other friendly stars scanning its original destination. Shouldn’t the carrier still maintain a scan lock onto the destination it had set out for??? Or simply should all carrier be scanning space too not just stars. As to not loose its destination like this one did. In my case there are stars behind it but it won’t let me set a waypoints to turn it back around. However this might not always be the case.

Or is this a cleaver tactic to strand enemy carriers in dark galaxies by taking the enemy boarder stars during attacks so massive fleets loose scanning and become stranded.

This has happened to me. But me carrier reached the unoccupied star it was sent to. Thought no arrival time is shown, the carrier will land on the star. Nothing to worry there.

I have never seen one stop. They always eventually land on the star they were sent to.

I just had this happen.
Stuck, out of scan range. If a world’s been scanned, it should remain on chart indefinitely, just without updated fleet info.

A quick fix for this, assuming ‘scanning’ is an attribute that an object like a ‘planet’ or star’ can be given, give this to the ‘carrier’ and problem is solved.

Still, I think basic planet date (just not live intel) should persist in a dark galaxy–it just doesn’tmakesense that it wouldn’t.