Carrier Logic


I think it would be very useful, especially for loops, if there was some logic commands. For example, a command that holds a carrier at a star until that star has a certain number of ships for that carrier to collect, or holds a carrier at a star until another carrier arrives. There are probably endless number of commands that can be made with this idea and this would be great for optimising loops!

Inverted garrison order

Great idea.

Random examples that may or may not be useful/doable/practical/good ideas :

  • IF [carrier X] can beat ( [star Y] + [carrier Z] + [10] ) with [+1] Weapons than now
    THEN [carrier X] attack [star X]

  • IF an enemy carrier moving against [star X] is strong enough to defeat it counting for ship production and already planned carrier orders that may drop ships beforehand
    AND [carrier X] is strong enough to make a difference * - variant : * can re-take the star
    THEN move to [star X]
    A more complex loop may watch for reinforcements, evacuate the newly-retaken/protected star leaving a garrison whose number is chosen depending on ships left and varied weapon levels…

  • IF [player A] attacks [Me]

  • IF [carrier A] can beat [star X]
    THEN [carrier A] attack [star X]

Now this is for us micromanagers that know that those unfaithful backstabbers will attack at 5 am the day before we pre-emptively backstab them, and that we wish we could instantly send the appropriate response at the time and not X hours later.
Not capital, far from it, but it would be nice.


I think those Logic orders would go to far, I’m for only peaceful orders, like the mentioned “wait until there are x ships” “wait until carrier x arrives” and maybe some kind of “wait until the target star isn’t getting an attack”, so the reinforcements won’s just fly into their death (this happens quite often as it seems)

Just my 2 cents

Cheers :slight_smile:


I like the idea that this could lead to a Doomsday machine, where an ally inadvertantly arrives at a star the same time as you, and the logic dictates a full launch of fleets that no human controls.


I agree, what I had in mind would be passive orders similar to the ones we currently have.


If you can find the minimal set of command which all other commands can be made from then you would only need a small number of commands.

Even the current commands are a bit redundant. A simple example is Garrison X is just Pick up all + Drop X. The main things are allowing multiple command to run sequentially instantly after each other with branching conditionals.


I wasn’t really being literally, though you are correct about there probably being a minimum set required. Though doing two commands takes an extra cycle.

On a different note, I was thinking that perhaps percentages could be used in carrier commands too. So you can say drop 50% at this star, so that if you pick up any on the way or don’t want to do the math it allows for a simple solution to that.


Which is why the “instantly after each other” is important. Even now (without conditionals or branching) there are commands which would benefit from sequential instant execution. For example a Drop all + Pickup X command isn’t possible in a single cycle (reverse or carrier garrison command).

When commands are chainable and instant the only reason to list commands like garrisoning is for usability. It’s easier to enter a single command from a drop down than have to always enter two commands. (specially for commonly used stuff)

In my opinion the ‘best’ design would be to have the current simple system and a more advanced verbose method of predicates/commands for micro-managing and unusual situations.


Sorry. I misinterpreted what you meant. But now I see what you mean.


Should have looked through the forum before posting a new topic… I had a similar idea, but thought having a “Depart In” option would fix my problem. For example, if you could have ships stall at a star for 4hrs and wait for the star to be resupplied before taking off. My thread is called Stall Option, posted like 2 minutes ago.


Just send the carrier four times to the star which will result in it not leaving until after four hours have passed. You have to remember to change it again afterwards if you don’t want it to do the same thing again in every loop.


You’re a damn genious. Thanks man thats super helpful!


I’m glad to have been helpful but I should point out that others let me in on that little secret.