Carriers passing each other in flight

I am new here and yesterday an enemy somehow managed to wipe out half of my economy (exaggeration).
After checking logs and so forth, I saw that the enemy carrier only fought 1 ship each time and then discovered that carriers can’t fight other carriers.
Why is this the case?
Right now, I am extremely frustrated about it because my empire had a superior army located right next to the attacked star, yet, the enemy went straight through it without any consequences. Right now, the carrier is headed for my defenseless 5/5/2 capital while my big carrier has just passed it mid-space…
It’s little details like this that break the game for me, I expected a diplomacy-focused game, especially because that’s the first thing the introduction mentions (after mentioning the real-time of the game) but 90% of it is a strategy game about little quirks like carriers passing each other in flight.

IND manufactures ships. Ships have weapons, but are not able to fly.

$ 25 will upgrade a ship to become a carrier. Carriers can fly, but you must transfer ships onto it. Carriers are otherwise identical to ships with weapons, and are included in the ship counts for battles.

Battles only occur at stars, not mid-flight in space.
Shortcut key “C” is the combat calculator.

Left clicking any enemy carrier will allow you to view its destination, if it is within scan range.

Jay’s star scatter algorithm will place a small number of three stars in a straight line with each other, so it is important to verify the carriers destination, to not be fooled by an optical illusion.

NP2 is a simplified 4X strategy game , but with a bigger diplomacy component than many similar games in the past. So for your diplomatic messages, send along some taunts, , 

or evil laughs . 

Practice make perfect . . .

If you are losing a game. you would be stronger to defend your stars and not attack the enemy’s stars, because the defender has Weapons +1 bonus, and defender’s first strike advantage.