Change to Ship Navigation screen

Don’t know if this has ever been requested before but instead of this:

It would be nice to have this:

i.e. do away with the Edit Fleet Order screen and roll it into the main Ships Navigation screen. Would save a lot of clicking =)


That’s AWESOME - and better yet, could the ETA be on another column that is editable … then everything is in one place.

You wanted to say ETA on non-editable column, right?

Ooops … yea one changes the ETA by editing the actions - D"OH! :wink:

Lol, I like the editable ETA column… “lets see, I’d like to be at this star in, mmm 2 seconds” ;-D

I think I didn’t do this in the first place because I didn’t think I would fit it on one line. But then it did fit on one line.

I will put this change on the todo list but I am really keen to do the team games and tech changes first.

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