Chrome Extension - Neptune's Pride Agent

Hey. The latest version of the agent for some reason gets rid of the traditional battle calculator. Can you please remove that “feature”? Despite the usefulness of the agent it doesn’t completely remove the need for the calc in more complicated situations.

Also I see an NP Agent button but it doesn’t appear to do anything… and an Intel button in messages that doesn’t work

Sorry for missing these messages! I wasn’t on the forum for a while. I did a few buggy releases that you suffered from :frowning: but I think it’s all fixed up now.

The battle calculator button is visible (and if in your version it is missing, you can press the hotkey ‘c’ to pull it up). It is definitely still needed in some cases and I didn’t mean to hide it. It’s not properly nested in the markup so when I made the header sticky so that it is easier to dismiss the thread you’re in during a long scroll, I also accidentally hid the button.

The NP Agent button should be working, but there was a bug where if you were in a dark game, the home planet report would fail and cause the UI not to come up. This is also fixed now.

The Intel button is for pasting the latest report into your message. It’s not very useful if you’re on Chrome because you can already paste from the clipboard, but on iPhone or iPad the copy/paste can be hard to access and the Intel button provides a workaround by directly modifying the message.

Please do keep bug reports and feature requests coming in this thread and I’ll make a greater effort to check in and respond here.

The current version of the code is rolling out now, and once you see ‘v1.13’ in the version indicator (which is now drawn in the lower right corner) you can use the ? hotkey to bring up help that enumerates all hotkeys for the extension. It’s worth a quick skim of the help to review all that I’ve added; if you have people who share API keys the API key functionality is quite powerful/useful.

Sorry for the bugs and thanks for the bug reports!


Hey no problem thanks for the tool. It was indeed a dark galaxy game where i experienced it not working!

I’m between games right now anyway so will see the changes in the new year.

Sadly v1.15 broke the extension for everyone. v1.16 is submitted to the Chrome store and should roll out in the next 48h, fixing it.

There is no workaround.


I was just coming to ask/report about this :wink:

v1.16 is published so the issue should now be fixed. Sorry for the fail!

v1.16 changes it so that viewing the reports via the UI no longer modifies your clipboard. The ‘Intel’ button will put in the comment the last intel you viewed via the UI; the hotkeys still change what’s in the clipboard and what’s in the intel button.

It also makes it so that if you’re using a device with both a touchscreen and a mouse pointer (like a touch chromebook) both input methods work all the time. The default game behaviour is that once you touch the screen, the mouse events are ignored, essentially disabling your mouse.


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This tool is incredible, thank you so much for sharing it with us @Osric!

Is it possible to run this on iOS?

Hi, thanks for this extension

There is one thing that happen in turn based games, it appears that the submit turn button is on top of something else


Also, would it be possible to have an option to disable/hide the “concede defeat” button? I Personally 'll never click it anyway so might as well disable/hide it.

Hi @Fifo! Sorry for the slow response. That button appearing there is part of a “feature” where when you scroll a display the extension has hacked the CSS to try to keep controls you might want onscreen instead of scrolling them away (I find this particularly helpful in the messages screen). But I agree it does look ugly.

I never play turn based games so I don’t usually see this screen - can you confirm that if you scroll up so that you can see the top of the screen, the button and X move to a different spot where they don’t overlap the header?


Indeed on a realtime game it works as expected
On turn based, the button overlaps the name of the planet


Zooming in or out with ctrl+/- does not displace the button

One observation, it also always shows tick <10s away!

I can confirm both of Fifo’s bugs as I’m in a turn based game now experiencing them both.

I briefly had to play without this, and it sucked. I’ve gotten so used to the tools - particularly the battle calc by clicking on carrier - that playing without them was really annoying.

So thank you! great tool and its appreciated.

finally got the occasion to try np agent (i mostly play on phone and i can’t install it there)

I don’t really understand that feature : the “submit turn” turn button is in an annoying spot where you might missclick it while trying to use other tools like the ruler
when scrolling up to the top, the button overlap text, it’s too bad to not see the title of the tool currently open, but it can mask the name of the star selected
when scrolling down, the button goes up and out of the screen while the X stay at the top
but then when you scroll back up, the header doesn’t come back until you close the tool

also, np agent doesn’t have an on-off button, so you have to go to your browser settings to disable/re-enable it, it would be nice to be able to do that in only 2 clicks

otherwise, it’s a very handy tool for np

excellent work. I am using it. alight motion pro mod apk
One question; Can I use it on iOS?