Collected comments from a MP group


Hi, Ive been playing blight with some friends for about 3 months now. All premiumed up etc and really enjoying the game. Just for experience level ive played in the tournaments and generally got a spot on the board (often not in top few spots!!) and we have played pretty much all the mp maps upto max 4 players.

I have collected some suggestions along the way and wanted to put them together for discussion/ answers if possible pls?

One thing that is hitting us hard is the step up from normal to hard. Normal, we finish every map as winners without any real issues.
Hard is a cluster f&^k and we get demolished. It seems such a large step up. We are 2 days 15hrs into sanctuary and a 13k stack is attacking the dragons in the NW and a 14k stack is doing the same in the SW.
We dont even have the really tough specials in this one.
Are people consistently able to complete the hard levels on MP or is it luck how zombies spawn and move first?

We very much enjoy this game( (its why we all bought premium) and like the fact that the Dev is very responsive to the players. However we are stuck at somewhat of an impasse currently.

Game Suggestions/ Questions

1, A screen like the settlements screen which gives a list of units and the cooldown timers would be great.
2. ability to click on the achievements, awards etc so you actually know what they are.
3. Is clans an upcoming feature?
4. Any way we can do a back button which allows you to go through previous screens.
5. The response to touchscreens such as my galaxy tab and HTC one is not great. I find a lot of times its multiple presses to get a response. The map is fine but when a window opens is when i find issues crop up.

I don’t want this to be seen to be a critical post, as i`ve said we enjoy the game very much.



p.s we only found out about this game due to many brutal games of neptune’s pride :slight_smile: or “space friends” as we ironically call it!


sanctuary is one that can go pear shaped quickly, i think it is a mix of luck and tactics.
But if your all active and working together then you should be able to make it through ok.
if you want create a game on hard and invite me and we can see how it goes.


Hello, and thanks for the feedback! Let’s see what I can do to answer your questions while the devs are sleeping.

Yes! Map balancing is still an ongoing process, so some are definitely harder than others–but I’ve only ever lost two MP games; both Guardians (currently one of the more unforgiving maps), on Nightmare. That said, each harder difficulty level absolutely requires different strategies than the levels before, so things can go wrong very quickly unless the player outlooks change appropriately. As Aran said, I’d be happy to join a Hard+ game with your group and we can see how it goes in practice.

There is a list-of-units screen (hotkey is A), though it doesn’t show ability cooldowns. Cooldown progress is a popular request, though, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see that coming soon.

Agreed! You can go see them in the Help menu, but I agree that a click or hover detail would be a lot smoother!

I believe so, though I haven’t heard much about it recently. It’s a fairly large technical task.

Your browser’s Back button will do that (but you’re a bit out of luck on mobile…)

Mobile support in general is a little shaky. I believe this is something the devs are actively working on.

Me too!


thanks for the replies gents.
Can i pm you links for the game?


Sure but I think drbwaa is away for a few days


There are some really great guides to playing all the races as well. Those would probably help your win rate improve.

Guardians is really bad. Still trying to beat it on nightmare…


Hey Thyrus! Thanks for your feedback. Its really great to hear you and your mates have been enjoying the game!

The spawn rate of the zombies does increase a little from Normal to Hard, so perhaps we can review if that is too much.

I love all of your suggestions and have made a note in our task database.

As @DrBwaa said, clans is a kind of big difficult task, and as I go to design how it works I’m finding out Clans means a lot of different things to people. We are still thinking about what a clan means in Blight and what features we need to implement.

About the mobile, can I ask if you are using the Chrome browser or just the built in Android browser that ships on the phone?

Is it just the small square buttons (like the close button) or the larger ones as well (like activating a power)

Thanks again for your feedback!


Yes indeed! I’m back in town and up for a game whenever! :smile: