Community Badges


It’s been a while since I’ve awarded community badges (Ironhelm Scribe), but I’ve sent out some today! Thanks for contributing to the Forum and helping us improve Blight!

Welcome to some new and very active contributors (@Mammon)! And welcome back to some friends we haven’t seen for a while (@Praetorian)! Good to have you all here!


oh so just asking a question and saying hi is contributing? yay thank you for random badge :smiley:


The ironhelm Scribe badge is given to those who add stories to the Lore and fiction thread or give multiple significant contributions. If you look at the ‘News of Blight’ section of the game’s opening page, you can still see the developer’s link to this forum.

I suggest you check it out, there are some really nice stories there that might inspire you to write one of your own. Maybe get a Ironhelm Scribe badge yourself? (It comes with 10 hero coins!)