Community Beginners Tournament

Hey guys our community from time to time sets up tournaments for games and we come from a background of a game wildly similar to NP called Starborne. We usually do small monetary prizes for winners curtesy of the community and it seems like the game facilitates this with game badges but are open to whatever the normal standard is or anything else that you all think would be cool.

We just found out about this gem and once we get enough players playing this game we would love to set up a beginners tournament over here on our discord as we have with games such as Stellaris, Blood Bowl 2, and of course Starborne. I just bought the lifetime premium to create a game and we will probably have enough to field close to a 16 person game alone but any actual players of the game would be more than welcome and we can keep pushing the group limit.

We would also just love to get the inside scoop from any veterans that wouldn’t mind joining and catching us up to speed on the meta and such or give us tips on how to run a successful tournament. Cheers guys and happy gaming!