Confirmation Dialogue on Purchasing Economy, Industry, Science


It would be nice if there was a confirmation dialogue when purchasing Economy, Industry, and Science. I was recently playing in a game and using my phone, and I accidentally touched the Industry button multiple times. This was a big setback in the early phase of the game, and I’m thinking a confirmation dialogue would have hopefully prevented this.


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This can be frustrating. There is a confirmation dialog when doing a bulk upgrade, so maybe that could be adapted (not up to me, I’m afraid), but it would be terribly annoying for it to always be active, so I think it would be something set to disabled by default, and then a player who is prone to having an itchy trigger finger could enable it if they want to confirm every build.

It would be a useful option…

This sounds really annoying when you actually want to upgrade…

Just turn of if upgrade from galaxy screen setting when you’re not using it