Crone not debuffing Zombie Giant's Battle Rage?


I just played in a game where we managed to attract a Zombie Giant towards our fortified city. The Troll player was all set to use Crone to remove the Giant’s Battle Rage and drastically cut its Strength… but the “Gnostic Muttering” power didn’t seem to do anything to the Giant! Is this a bug? Or am I misunderstanding what constitutes a “buff”?



Thanks @Loneviper, we’ll look into it. It might be that the Giant re-cast its ability after you de-buffed. Like the living units, the zombie buffs last for a duration and are re-activated. We’ll check it out and see what’s going on, but it should work the same way as other zombies.


Are Crones supposed to be able to debuff bonuses zombies get from being in preferred terrain?


Yes, until they move into the next hex.


um… really… thats surprising but makes kind of sense from a game mechanics sense


On a related note, someone in one of my games just recently asked if this ability could debuff the bonus a Jester gets (until he renews of course). I assume it would, but confirmation would be nice (we aren’t able to test it yet). That would make this ability very valuable on some maps / games.

Oh, and this information (especially about the terrain buff and moving into the next hex) should be in one of the FAQs.


No first hand knowledge but my understanding is yes

agreed 100% - the beginners faq is a wiki now as well, I’m too tired to think of the right words to write in it however


Yes! You can de-buff the zombie boss buffs. It will come back though …


Thanks! I just happened to have a volunteer Crone on that map yesterday, somewhat near a Jester. I plan to put this into effect at the right time then.


Just had this happen in a game. Used crone on giants and it had no effect. works fine on jesters