Deck Building - Plans to bring more than 6 card types into a game?


I was wondering if there was plans to be able to bring more than 6 card types into a game of Blight.

Every time I join a new game, I end up having to bench some of these newer cards I’m earning, (they are really good cards, but I need the old standbys). So my poor Elven Princess cards and Pool Priestesses always stay out of the game while my Eagle Scouts and Woodland Assassins take priority. Also for maps where your starting faction is a million miles from the front lines, Banner carriers are a must, so there’s another “gotta have” type of unit for each game.

Pool Priestess is a great, “one or two in a deck”, type of card (like a single use artifact in the Magic: The Gathering of yesteryear.) I don’t need a whole deck of them, but if one comes up, I could probably make use of it, but if not, it just takes up a slot in the hand till I play it, or use coins to get more cards to add to the hand. etc.

I really wish we could deck build, and pick and choose how many of each card to bring into the match instead of how many of 6. Our hand size still is the same and the amount of each card I bring is just playing the game of statistical draw.

This really becomes apparent when the strategy of the map calls for a single user to make use of 2 or 3 factions. The deck building quickly turns into, bring the fast rider units of each faction and nothing else. Cause Speed is king in a game of ticking time and distances.

Honestly it would be awesome if we could create and save a deck of any composition or size, allow the user to give it a name. (Maybe deck slots) so when we enter a new game, we can quickly pick our named deck. “Dwarven Arty Rumble”, or “Goblin Pirate Deck” etc… Or the dreaded, “Casino Roulette I Put Every Card I own in the Deck I hope I get something I can use, probably not and I will spend more coins!” deck. :wink:

Anyway, just thinking out loud again.


Well you tend to get either 3 x 4 or 6 x 2 cards of your starting race, but either way you still only get 6 extra slots to play with.
Maybe the option to remove the starting cards or add to them without having to use another slot for the same type.
Maybe limit the total number to 24 but allow use of all 12 slots.
As SpySat1 mentioned there are several cards that are useful but you don’t need more then 1or2 of them in a game


The whole point of Blight is get more cards and blast zombies. Let’s use those cards! :slight_smile:


This is how it used to be. I agree in that I liked the old way better. As it is now, too many niche cards are left behind, never to be used. I also usually want less then half of the forced starting cards, meaning I end up with forced fluff in my deck I have to spend through to get to the cards I actually want. I’m not particularly happy with this new format. I like the idea of being loaned cards for a game that would be needed to beat the map, as Jay was explaining, but I just don’t like the current format enough to want that feature.

(My previous comments on this topic: Public Game with 1 spot open. Started 2 days ago)


To be honest, I like the deck building how it is. It forces you to go one build or another. Sure going speed card combo is great, but nothing is forcing you from trying other cards. Right now I’m in a match of Brutal Heatland where you start as Orcs, but I went with a complete Troll deck since I wanted to try rush a troll settlement and establish a strong Troll force. I could have gone an Orc build, and with the Orc build, I could have gone all manner of different decks.

And with rare cards that are just for a specific purpose like the Pool Priestess, I think player communication would be the best thing with deciding when to use these types of cards. Like in the future when we have clans or if we decide beforehand on the forums on a map we’re going to do, we could discuss what cards we’re bringing, who’s bringing the unique cards and split up the responsibilities, etc.

However with the rework on Essential Cards being done, I would like to see the base card limit increased on maps with no Essential Cards to like 9 or something.


I think I like your idea… I have a slightly different thing in mind though…

First of all essentials should stack with other cards of the same type you decide to bring. For elves “Tree Whisperers” is one of those cards I’ve seen as essential, yet if I want to bring more of them I have to use up another slot to do that. Secondly, I think the last 3 essential slots should be accessible to the player for “starting race” cards only. This would allow for a much more diverse deck of 12 different types of cards rather than the 6-8 I currently run with now.


I actually really like everything you said. Stacking up with the initial would be a huge lifesaver since things like Dwarf Artillery I always bring extra.


Or the option to replace the initial top card slots with cards of your own… I do love me some blunderbuss.


Thanks for the feedback guys. I do agree that right now it feels a little limiting.

I think I like Eshals suggestion of allowing you to fill up the empty essential slots, and add more of your own cards to the essential card stacks.

I’ll have a think about how it should be implemented and we can try it out simetime in the next few weeks.


Rock’n’roll! :slight_smile: