Defensive mechanisms and more

Not really a feature request, more like a few stray thoughts for the dev and anyone interested:

Orbital/planetary defense systems:

I know minefields have been a topic before, but i thought morer in the lines of Star Trek/FTL orbital defense systems. I think they should be hard to get, maybe cost much or you would need to unlock them through research. the way they would work is through raising the defense bonus for a star. If the star was captured by someone else, the defense system would be destroyed or, if it has a high enough level, only partially damaged. i imagine it to be a bit like economy, industry and science, except more optional. I imagine they could be quite nice either to protect your big 20 ships per tick homeworld, or to be deployed along your border. I think the risks would be about the same as with warpgates, they only benefit you as long as you own them.

Ship classes:

couldn’t finde this, but different types of ships could add to the tactical situation. I dont think it should be like those skirmishing games, where one type of unit gets an advantage against others, but more like special troops. exaples could be:

stealth figter: gets the first strike even when attacking.

Tank: enemy weapons tech is halved for the battle

Battleship/Flagship: sort of tank-ish, but with some sort of weapon boost too. maybe these dont need a carrier to get through hyperspace either?

to balance it, they would take longer to produce and the stars that make them cant produce normal ships in the mean time.


combining your carriers into fleets, and giving generic fleet orders, like, gather at sedr, or patrole these planets.

lotsa stuff there, tell me what you think.

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I love the idea of different types of ships. First of all, I think the coolest feature would be to have a cap on the amount of ships a carrier can hold. Then you can have different types of carriers that can hold more ships/make further hyperspace jumps (and maybe travel a little slower?) but will cost more money to make. And then like you said, specialty battleships that have some sort of traits that factor into the battle.

Maybe there could be some system where you can only start building these ships after you hit a certain level of industry on a star? or industry in total?

Lots of neat stuff possible here.

Yeah, that’s were the whole “putting carriers together in fleets” thing would come in too. As for differences in traveling speed, they had that in NP1 apparently, and it was messy from what I’ve heard. loving the rest though.