Deployment? What Just Happened?!


Oh man… here I was starting my new weekly games for the weekend, and now I can only deploy one card every 6 hours?


Why is this happening?

The game was slow enough as it is… now it’s even slower to deploy units…

I guess gone are the days of massive deployment, set orders, come back in half a day and see how things are.

now I have to babysit every march into the next town just to get a deployment?

At least give me the ability to capture a town, and deploy (pre planning) so that it’s automated when they get there… (Like in the Subterfuge app)


I’ll give it a go… but this is suuuuper against the playstyle I’ve been enjoying these past couple of months.


I imagine we’re going to get a few more people like you arriving as people discover this change. (@JayKyburz we could probably use a notification someplace in the main UI for when big patches like this one come out…)

There was fairly lively testing and discussion here on the forums around this change. On the whole it seems to be a net positive: it eliminates many abuse cases where one player could effectively win a six-player game in the first ten minutes, and it doesn’t delay the gameplay nearly as much as it seems like it would. But there are definitely voices with good points on both sides, so more feedback is always positive!

I recommend you take a look at some of the other discussion around this update: Need Help Testing Experimental Mode


I’m asking the same questions… I would say the discussion regarding this topic has been controversial at best. That said I’ve probably been the most vocal that this is not exactly a good way to solve any of the problems this was meant to address.



Here is a more recent thread talking about the changes.


Hey guys, I understand that this change was unpopular with a lot of players but I thought it was very important for the game. I did think about it a lot first, and did consider a lot of alternate solutions.

We do have plans to make the old system an option you can set when making your own games, we can simply set the cool down time to 0, but I want to do this at the same time as I add a few other configurable options.

I do think the game is better as a result, and once you get used to it I hope you all will see it too.