'description too long' error even when length requirement is met


If you use the following description to create a game in Firefox 30 for Windows 7 x64, the character count to the left of the box indicates that it is short enough but the game is rejected with a description too long error.

Frustratingly, there is no button to return to edit, and the back button does not preserve the values in the came creation form so the description and the settings are lost when a description to long error is generated. I realize that part is more of a feature request though.

To recreate the bug, copy and past the this description:
Commanding your species’s first interstellar expedition, your mission was to investigate the nearby phenomenon that astrophysicists speculated was generated by particles traveling faster than light.

Upon arrival, you discovered not only the physics of hyperspace travel but also an ancient network of beacons enabling unimagined travel speed. Unfortunately, six other races have outposts in the field and are intent on keeping the ancient warp field to themselves at any cost.


Thanks for the heads up @markwkidd. I will see if I can fix up this week.