Did the max number of cards change?


Did the logic associated with dispensing cards change? In my previous game, every time I bought a card with Hero Coins, it would keep stacking. Now, five seems to be the limit and when I play one, another card gets added.

I get why you’re doing it, but the result is that I’m going to be buying a lot less Hero Coins…

Unintended consequences,


Nope, far as I know it’s always limited auto-draws to a hand of 5 cards.


Not even a difference between single-player and multi-player?


There haven’t been any changes. Either a bug or maybe network problems. We’ll check it out.


As Penny said there haven’t been any changes here, but I we are planning a change later this week.

I think we have decided that the game should not automatically draw you back up to five cards, but instead we would like you to pay a valour every time you draw a card from your deck.

A nice side effect is that we can allow discarding cards from your hand, and even trading a card to another players. With the auto drawing rule in place these two things allow you to simply cycle your deck to find the cards you are looking for.


Valour is so precious, at least at the start to mid-game, that I’d have to think thrice about using it for additional cards…



Yeah, its a big change that we have been thinking about.

If it proves to be no fun we can roll the change back.


Definitely agree with this. On maps where you are located far from the undead? You have no way to gain valor early on, thus we start trying to save valor by training base units in place of the more “fun” heroes and other units. This becomes more tedious since it becomes more difficult to create a nice stack of units and instead it’s just a bunch of units rallying to target locations and overall more micromanagement


Playing with a group of four players now (myself and two friends from my previous game, one new guy I’m trying to recruit). Got some feedback on the recent changes that I’d thought I’d pass along (collected from the new and old players):

(1) Paying valor for a card has turned the game from feeling like a deck-building game to a “pay for a card with real money and put it in your hand” game. General sense is that your card collection now barely matters at all for optimal strategies. Feels far more “pay to win” than before.

(2) Trading cards is a fantastic addition, both for strategy and for business we think. It let the new player see and “feel” the card’s use and drove him to consider buying cards for his collection as desirable… but he lost that desire due to the feeling he sensed and I’ve noted above. “Why bother buying cards now? It’s pretty much a random luck thing every game if I have to buy cards using valor (precious enough already) or real money.”

(3) Why bother with premium if your collection is less important than your wallet?

(4) Trying to play “free” with these added challenges is now ridiculously difficult and essentially requires a micro-managed style of play. This runs completely counter to the “play when you have time over the course of weeks” feel the game started with. Now it feels more like “pay a lot - if not, you’d better make best use of EVERY second you can so… good luck with doing anything else for a few days.”

(5) Having read feedback on the forums the general sense is that the strongest opinions being voiced (by regulars and high contributors) seems to be biased toward

  • making the game more difficult: this makes sense as many of those people have played a lot and have learned optimized strategies and know the turn-out of most situations and most maps
  • making the game lean closer to micromanagement than toward a more casual “check in when I can” style. This again makes sense as those high contributors are also those most likely to have more time and to want a more “play all day” approach to Blight

Just some thoughts as you move forward with testing out mechanics and models.


I’m definitely in the “make the game more difficult” camp… but only at higher levels.

Ideally, the range in difficulty between Normal and Nightmare would be pretty significant… So new players and players looking for a casual experience could still enjoy the game.

But until recently, even at nightmare difficulty I was winning VERY consistently, which hardly gave me nightmares at all.

Micromanagement is definitely an issue that I think needs to be addressed. Queuing orders has been a request for a while, and I’m not sure what it would take to get even some basic queuing in place… but I agree that one of Blight’s biggest drawbacks is losing an important settlement or battle simply because you didn’t have time to check on stuff every 4 hours. Losing because you have a real life is pretty lame.